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Students and parents, we're here to help.

Our Woods Townhomes are the most affordable nearby option for UNC Asheville students! Compared to our competitors like the Verge Apartments ($1755/month for a 3-bedroom) and Hawthorne Northside ($1800/month for a 3-bedroom) we can save your hundreds every month without having to sacrifice comfort or location. On top of our convenient location and can't-be-beat prices, we offer a local, daily on-site staff happy to help assist students for an easy transition off campus.

Find some frequently asked questions below, or contact us at (828)252-4334 to learn more! 

Frequently asked questions

Can a student renter have a co-signer?

Absolutely! Student renters are allowed to have co-signers on their leases if they do not have sufficient proof of income or credit score to meet the qualifications. However, the co-signer must meet your qualifications to rent. Qualifications are as follows: 1. I have a credit score of 650 or above.
2. I have not been convicted of any felonies.
3. I do not plan to keep any pets at these properties.
4. I have not been evicted from any former rentals.
Please note that by submitting an application, you give WNC For Rent the right to run a credit check before approving your application.

Will I need a car to get around?

Only if you want one! Our Woods Townhomes are located 1 mile from UNCA via traditional roads, or about 0.5 miles from UNCA via walking trails. We are also located on the N1 bus line that passes through UNCA, as well as can take students all around Asheville.

Can student renters have roommates?

Yes, student renters are welcome to have roomates at our properties. However, finding roommates and dividing up the rent is at the discretion of the renter. We'd recommend checking out the Asheville Riff-Raff Housing/Subletting Classifieds to find roommates.

What are the benefits of living off-campus?

Living off campus is a great way to truly experience life in Asheville, and save some cash! Compared to the prices of on-campus housing (Ponder Hall Single- $3,675.00 per semester, Governor's Hall Single- $3,569.00 per semester) our townhomes are much more affordable, while still being easily accessible from the university. Located in the quaint Five Points area of Asheville, our units are walking distance from parks, trails, coffee shops, and more to truly help you experience the best of Asheville.

What food options are nearby?

We are conveniently located near a variety of grocery and convenience stores to help make your transition easier when moving off-campus. Walk to the CVS Pharmacy (0.7 miles away) or hop on the bus to the Harris Teeter (1.0 miles away). Check out our Why Asheville page for more nearby conveniences.